What we do and what we believe in

  • project services energy sector
  • business development
  • effective poject realisation
  • project-, process management
  • operational excellence
  • conflict prevention and solving

  • individual smart solutions for our success
  • cradle-to-cradle for credible sustainability
  • conversion by sector coupling
    usage highly productive technology

nature to …
… power, heat, mobility, usable energy
… and back to nature. 
for a full life in a healthy environment we do human co-operations

What we have done recently

Empowerment power transportation systems

  • project development, planning, realisation
  • finding solutions
  • usage of functional solutions and reliable technology
  • continiously improvement

„Re-new Transformer Stations“
Stadtwerke München Infrastruktur GmbH

  • project planning and realisation substation
  • power to mobility
  • supporting power to heat
    (district cooling network)

„Power to heat “ & „SMART Metering Rollout“
Vattenfall Wärme Hamburg GmbH

  • project planning
  • prepare decision making (acc. VPMM guidelines)
  • preparing committees (project review board)
  • project assurance reviews (PHC/ VAR)
  • document management
  • risk management
  • workshops, roadshow „SMART Meetering“